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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yea! I did it!

I will begin college on Tuesday!  I am going for a degree in small business management!  I am doing this because I want to someday soon open a crafts and gifts store.  I will need to know how to run a business to own a business.  I am so excited and my husband is so supportive.  I only have to go for 3 semesters because I went to this college before and they are using my credits from then towards this degree.  After I open my own business, I will have everything I have ever wanted.  I didn't think it would ever happen but, I guess when you have the support of a loving husband anything is possible.


  1. How exciting! I would love to be able to own a craft store as well, but that will never happen for me. Good luck with your school and your future venture!