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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Purple Power

Check out these awesome items!  Remember to click the links and leave a comment!

lterrill9 says:

Here is some lovely purple..


peanutbutterbandit says:

                      Julia wood doll pendant wearing lavender

DiamondSand says:

I have purple.... :)

                          String of Dyed Purple Jasper Beads

CityStyle says:

Here's my Plum Cozy Scarf:

sarilynne says:

I have a lot of purple! Take your pick! :)

Takuniquedesigns says:

A fun purple mosaic magnesite and amethyst necklace.

BedermannArt says:

How about a Dahlia Fine Art Print?

 CityStyle says:

How about a Lavender Field:

pulpsushi says:
How about this necklace?

                                          Night Bloom

More to Come! 

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