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Monday, January 4, 2010

Craft Show Tips

This is my booth at  The Market @ Oneida Commons

1. Say hello to potential customers that show an interest, ask them if they are looking for something special, but don't pressure them too much like you are desperate. Make sure you smile, be friendly and chatty, you are your only salesman.

 2. Things to take along with you: pens, extra price tags, extra signs, markers, tape, stapler, calculator, scissors, tax table, notebook, money box, wipes, hot glue gun, anything to repair a craft that might get broken (accidents do happen).

 3. Depending on the size and duration of the show, take a minimum of $50 in change. If you sell at shows often, it is also a good idea to be able to take credit cards.

 4. Be ready to explain your craft in one or two sentences. People want to know how you do it but not every detail.

 5. In setting up for a show, consider your display. Do you have interesting things displayed in a way that attracts attention? Are you able to set up some lights or other props to help attract the buyer's eye? Are things laid out in a way that people can look at what they are buying without "bothering you" all the time? For a lot of people, they will move on rather than ask to see something.

 6. Accept feedback from customers and other vendors. If they offer you suggestions or ideas, consider them for the next opportunity you have to show off your work. Often customers will tell you that they wished you had an article in a different color or style. You can also learn what people think about your product by the comments they make. They can help you determine whether or not you are on the right track.

 7. Have some items available for children, they will often bring their parents to your table, and you might make a sale.

 8. Keep your setup simple, have items arranged neatly, and leave room for "white space" (empty spaces). If your crafts get messy rearrange them to show customers that you are organized.

 9. Have clearly labeled prices, if there is no price potential customers will walk away rather than ask.

 10. Try giving away a free sample or free giveaway like candy; this helps get people to your booth, which could mean more sales.

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