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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fade to Black

My colloection of black items from Etsy Sellers--remember to click the links to see more and please leave a comment here so the Etsians know what you think about their items.

JustBecauseCrafts says:

here is mine

Little Black Neckwarmer

osakatokei says:

A black and white Cat with the Moon and stars!



KhaliNouveau says:

This is a lovely item that I made, hope you like it:

Silver Star, Gift Box


bonghivestiti says:

I listed this apron yesterday...


PennyPaperworks says:

Fun n Fab Mini Music Journals JUST $3.75 NOW!

From BEATLES to BOB BRUCE WILLIE to LADY GAGA n many many more! Something for everyone of all ages!
Take a quick peek!
AND I can do one for your with YOUR LOVE SONG on back for Vday!

justforkeeps says:

I have this wristlet



  1. These items are great!!! I love the wrislet especially.

  2. wonderful picks, I love the watch.