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Monday, December 28, 2009

Show me the Green

This is the last "Show Me the Green" post. If you like this post look for the other posts with the same title. Soon I will be featuring another color.

FancyFairieGirl says:
Holly Fairie Hair Fall(s)!!!

GalleriaDiGiani says:
A OOAK piece, and my favorite piece in my shop:

Rockology3 says:

gorgeous green!~

DarkBluebell says:
Gorgeous green

CreationsByRobin says:
Green Sea Glass...

lashylovesjewelry says:
my newest green ♥

roseysdesigns says:

PoshAdornments says:
Purple and Green Flourite 2 Row Bracelet

domosaics says:
Abstrat Meditteranean Mosaic Mirror- On sale

beadbooty says:

My green:

Zosterops says:
Green ring:

thecrochetqueenn says:

Hand Crocheted Slouchy Warm Hat in a Buffet of Greens,Apple Olive Forest Sage Green,Your sure to bring Holiday Cheer where ever you go Enjoy no cost Shipping for the month of December

EyeDesire says:

AniasJewelry says:

shabbychic72 says:
Here is my green vase:

pinkflowercube says:

handjstarcreations says:
here is my newest, and green!

NonpareilSoleil says:
I have a dark green scarf that needs some love!
Check it out!

Confetti (Green Speckled Hand-knit Scarf)

HeidelbergDesigns says:
Here's my green

DASSK says:
my new green

sarahtoma says:
here is my green items :)

Chantial says:
Here is my green

Green flora

Dreamspirations says:
Just listed this Cotton Print Craft Case!

For Knitting needles, Paint brushes, etc :)

lterrill9 says:
My green / fishing!

MountainEagleCrafter says:
Here's a very bright way to keep a beverage handy when out walking!

Bright Lime Crocheted Water Bottle Carrier

loverlea says:
suzy greenberg!

free US shipping :D

frolickingleaves says:
snug bootties for baby's tootsies :)

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