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Monday, December 21, 2009

Show Me the Green

Frankenstein Shirt
To see more from chandarchandar, go to

Very cool blog! Here's my very sparkly czech glass green necklace:
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Here is my Green Victorian Style Necklace

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Gosh my whole shop is Green in the enviromental sense, that's what re-loving is!! Do please take a peek:

belladonnabeads says:
Yay green! I like green =) Cute pet collar!

Green With Envy Dichroic Glass Pendant

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karnivalofkrafts says:
Here's my greens


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Here's is my only green thing :D

Emerald Elegance Earrings:

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PeacockLane says:
This purse has a lovely green lining:
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BirdWatching says:
I have green! It's my favorite color.

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StoneLinkDesigns says:
Here is some green

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my czech glass necklace. What a beautiful showcase - you put together a great collection! It's so fresh!